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We love our pets like family,

We know that you do too.

Pets are not personal property

Support the U.S. Pet Act

Many of today‚Äôs laws regarding our pets are antiquated and have not been changed or revised for many years. Many of the current laws were intended for the day when farming and ranching was the primary workforce. For at least the past 30 plus years. It's time these laws were changed. 

Our mission is to 

-Each pet (dog and/or cat ) should get a fair trial vs. just being euthanized after biting, "mauling" or scratching a person, child. In fair trail we mean the following: Was the animal provoked? If that is the case is it really the animals fault? Does the animal and owner have the proper training or is there some other underlying medical reason why the attack happened?

Part of the original laws listed below and on our website state that training classes should be required as part of the adoption process. If people and their animals are well trained from the beginning then attacks should be greatly reduced. If an attack does occur then let's find out why and just like we do for people, we can send the dog and guardians to required training. If the animal was provoked then the person/child who did so will be charged and that person should be required to go through some sort of training.

- If needed, there could be some provision for them to be listed as a dependent of sorts in our tax laws.

Again, these are most of our thoughts. We look to you for additional information and opinions. We just read today that in mid June of this year that Quebec Canada now classifies pets as a sentient being, they are no longer personal property and does include jail time for abusers. France did this earlier. We had no idea and when we read it this morning it was like a huge weight was lifted. We were teary eyed with joy that it's already begun. We know that we can make this happen and help all of the animals in need.